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Prowlers of the Night

Prowlers of the Night (PotN) is a social raiding guild on Behemoth. We accept anyone into the guild as social members (the rank of Destined), we do have minimum requirements for those interested in becoming raiders (Battle-Scarred) or raid leaders (Harbingers). Since reputation is very important, we have a small but important set of rules to ensure we keep in good standing amongst the other players on the realm.

Interested in end-game raiding or PvP? Here is a list of our raid teams, although our schedules will still be a work-in-progress with the ultimate goal of having a group raiding either end-game content, doing dungeons, grinding Fates, or participating in the upcoming player vs. player environments around the clock.

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Harbinger Recruitment Underway!
10/23/2013 08:34 AM by MarcusValerius

We here in Prowlers are developing a 24/7 attitude when it comes to 'peak hours' and we need your help!

We are currently taking applications for Harbinger (raid lead) positions for three of the four raiding Clans (Clan Death, War, and Famine are all open). Please send a /tell to Marcus Valerius in game or PM me on here and we'll have a short interview via Ventrilo or some other convenient method of communication.

Harbingers are responsible for setting up raid days (the times are listed below). We're figuring a 2-3 raid days per week with other random runs throughout the week. They are also responsible for either recruiting what they want for both their team and their back up group or requesting that a recruiter/officer begin recruiting specific classes/jobs. Harbingers need to be aware of how the raids or dungeons are completed, knowing all boss fights and methods of pulling mobs to ensure fast, efficient runs.

These positions aren't for everyone, but they do need to be filled. It is our sincere hope that dedicated and motivated people start inquiring about these positions in order to get us on the right track.

Thank you everyone!


Recruitment for Raiding now open!
10/06/2013 08:17 AM by MarcusValerius

Below are the first four initial raiding groups, with plans on having designated groups for PvP. Fate grinding groups are on a first come, first invited basis, and those players that have leveled any Disciples of the Land classes (Miner, Botanist, or Fisher) can earn guild perks by donating much-needed supplies for our Disciples of the Hand classes (Carpenter, Blacksmith, Armorer, Goldsmith, Leatherworker, Weaver, Alchemist, and Culinarian).

Clan War
Harbinger: OPEN
Recruitment: OPEN
Raid Days: OPEN
CONTENTION (Back-up group)
4am-10am EST
3am-9am CST
2am-8am MST
1am-7am PST

Clan Famine
Harbinger: OPEN
Recruitment: OPEN
Raid Days: OPEN
PRIVATION (Back-up group)
10am-4pm EST
9am-3am CST
8am-2pm MST
7am-1pm PST

Clan Pestilence
Harbinger: Marcus Valerius
Recruitment: OPEN
Raid Days: OPEN
CONTAGION (Back-up group)
4pm-10pm EST
3pm-9pm CST
2pm-8pm MST
1pm-7pm PST

Clan Death
Harbinger: OPEN
Recruitment: OPEN
Raid Days: OPEN
TERMINATION (Back-up group)
10pm-4am EST
9pm-3am CST
8pm-2am MST
7pm-1am PST


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